How to introduce a Dog to a New Bed?

How to introduce a Dog to a New Bed?

Sometimes pets don't accept new beds right away. We have some proven tips how to to help your furry friend to love his / her new sleeping place:

Include Your Dog In The Unboxing:
Dogs are naturally curious. They want to know what's going on. They don't sniff everything for nothing, you know! Include your pup in the unwrapping and assembly process. Let him or her see you taking things out of the packaging and make it fun by slipping some dog treats into the process. The whole thing should be a game.

Location, Location, Location:
Try putting the bed in a place that your dog likes to nap, even if this isn't where you want the bed to end up. You're trying to make your pooch comfortable with the bed at first. Once it becomes the de facto resting place, he'll likely follow it anywhere you move it.

Make It Familiar.
Put some of your dog's favorite toys on the bed. Play with your dog on the bed, slip your dog a few dog treats while you do. The treats, toys, and the action of playing on the bed will cause some familiar scents to rub off. Plus, it will help associate some fond memories with the new dog bed.

Calming Dog Bed Sleeping dog in new bed
Ease From Old To New:

If your pet has an old dog bed he or she refuses to give it up, go ahead and put the two dog beds right next to each other, or even on top of each other for a bit. This transfers smells and gets your dog used to associating them with each other. If the old bed has a removable cushion, take it off and place it on the new bed until your dog becomes comfortable with the new digs.

Go Slow:
Slowly introducing your dog to his or her new bed (and possibly a new bed location) will always help your dog realize the benefit of his or her new gift and love you all the more because of it.

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